Revive and reinvent a heritage telecommunications brand



Founded more than 25 years ago in New Zealand, Zintel was a trusted name in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) telecommunications scene. Through an acquisition by J2 Global the business was eventually merged into eVoice in 2016. In 2020 the Zintel brand was revived and reinvented, spearheaded by the new owners ASX listed Over the Wire family.  Follow was entrusted to redefine the brands visual identity and relaunch it to market through a new website presence.


Reintroduce and reinvent the brand as the “go-to” for SME inbound and outbound telecommunications services. In addition, ensuring that the brand is aligned to the Zintel of tomorrow incorporating the Over the Wire vision.


A new website and visual identity that is a reflection of the evolution of the Zintel brand. Paying respects to the 25 years keeping businesses connected but revitalised for a modern market and successful future. 


Revive and Reinvent


The evolution of the Zintel Brand


Design refresh and better lead generation

Along with an overall refresh of the site and a more up-to-date user experience, the redesign needed to optimise the sales journey to help balance leads with direct sales for the full range of solutions that the company provides.

Our collaborative relationship with OTW marketing team brought industry expertise that proved essential in addressing some inherent challenges in creating an approachable web experience that would help to humanise and simplify technology solutions for business. This was not only reflected in the overall design but helped structure a sales funnel that could direct leads for direct transactions through to their shop vs customer requiring a more consultative or custom solution.

The sales funnel and enquiry process workflows were all integrated into salesforce CRM to ensure no leads were missed opportunities.

Great work, and we are very pleased with the outcomes and ideas here. Incredible what you have produced in such a short time. The brand identity is very strongly aligned with the direction.
Zintel Marketing and Management


We helped introduce to the market the next exciting chapter for the brand which was well received through enthusiastic and positive sentiment expressed from customers both internal and external.  

Analytics following the relaunch have revealed a significant uptick in time that visitors are spending on the site and more importantly, the number of leads generated every week.

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