Puppy Champions

A social network of suppawters

Puppy Champions


Puppy Champions is a community platform that allows a current supporter (recurring giver) to follow the lives of the puppies from birth to their eventual placement with Assistance dogs Australia beneficiaries. A supporter can engage in livestreams of the puppies, follow their favourite dogs, give a good dog tip and be rewarded and recognised for simple engagement with content.

Follow was engaged to bring the concept to life and worked with the Assistance Dogs team to flesh out the strategy and customer experience required to give the concept the best chance of success.


To give Assistance Dogs Australia supporters insight into how their donations make a difference every day. The end goal through rewards and recognition was to increase donor retention and increase new recurring givers to the organisation. 


An active social network of Puppy Champions that connects existing givers with the Assistant Dog’s journey from puppy to placement.  Puppy Champions can enjoy exclusive content, go behind-the-scenes with the puppies, and connect with like-minded friends.

Puppy Champions


Our journey to build the journey

We worked with Assistance dogs Australia to unpack the project goals and to profile the ideal customers we were targeting with this new platform. The goal was to create an immersive portal that gave Assistance Dogs Australia a donor-first experience to differentiate and add value to their generous supporters.

Not only is the platform fun and engaging but gives the Assistance Dogs Australian supporters a direct line to see first hand how their donations make a difference. As a supporter you can follow the dogs on their journey from cheeky puppies to elite, highly-trained Assistance Dogs. 

Puppy Champions

Packed full of features

The secret to training puppies is to make it fun. The approach to the Puppy Champions platform was no different. In collaboration with the Assistance Dogs team we conceptualised, designed and built leading edge fundraising features to keep our supporters engaged with the puppies and the wider Assistance Dogs community. 

Puppy Champions
Puppy Champions

Watch puppies — Live!

Puppy Champions can watch live training and play sessions with the dogs and instructors at the National Training School.

Puppy Champions

Good Dog Tips

Puppy Champions can send treats to puppies in the form of micro donations as a reward for a job well done. 

Puppy Champions

Earn badges and recognition

The more involved you are in Puppy Champions (by commenting, sending puppies gifts, or contributing news), the more badges you’ll earn. It’s a fun way of seeing your progress as a Puppy Champion.

Integrated ecosystem

Built on a wordpress backbone the portal is a customised modern web application that is completely integrated with salesforce CRM. Data is captured and sent to the CRM to help Assistance Dogs Australia to continue to personalise the experience through the program.

Puppy Champions


Now in it’s beta phase the site has grown to a user base of 1,300 and growing every day. We are proud of the work we achieved together with Assistance Dogs Australia and look forward to suppawting and growing this community.

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