Sunnybank Plaza

Sunnybank $2 Food Trail

Sunnybank Plaza

Follow devised a campaign which moved an existing printed guide into an online blog, tied into a carefully-planned strategic digital campaign and stand alone event promoting food retailers. The plan enabled foodies to discover and experience the authentic Sunnybank.

It’s amazing how big this campaign has become. We’re so grateful to you and your team for bringing it to us and making it happen.
Sunnybank Plaza
Lisa Smith
Marketing Manager
Sunnybank Plaza

In an Australian first, the Sunnybank $2 Food Trail concept was born – inviting foodies from across South East Queensland to embark on a one-day-only self-guided culinary adventure through Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park. This put both centres on the map as THE destination for authentic Asian food in Brisbane.

The premise of the $2 Food Trail is simple – retailers offer a selection of signature $2 mini-dishes that combine into a menu that allows customers to graze on a variety of Asian cuisines in one day. The trail connects retailers in-centre, and is activated with live music, traditional lion dancers and roving entertainment to enhance customer experience.

Sunnybank Plaza
Sunnybank Plaza

To ensure the $2 Food Trail is easily navigated, brochures are created with a map and menu, available both digitally and on the day via special ‘trail marker’ point of sale stands and designated information stalls.

To encourage participants to become further engaged with the program, reward them for taking part in the event, and capture their valuable data a “stamp & win” tactical competition was devised and rolled out at each event – resulting in the collection and opt-in of a brand new, foodie specific database of 4000+ customers.

The Sunnybank $2 Food Trail has been activated three times in the past, with two Summer Editions and a Winter Edition.

Since its inception, the event alone has resulted in a direct footfall of over 24,500 participants – exceeding all client expectations and KPIs, and resulting in an economic injection of more than $490,000 into the 38 participating food retailers.

Sunnybank Plaza

Our digital, media and public relations campaigns were also highly successful in terms of coverage, reach and engagement.

The Experience Sunnybank blog gathered more than 85,000 visits during the campaign, with official social media events alone reaching over 835,000 people, including 18,000 directly engaged by clicking “attending”. The official campaign hashtag, #experiencesunnybank, was also tagged by customers in hundreds of Instagram uploads.

The much loved and popular $2 Food Trail has received widespread coverage to the value of $29,000 from Brisbane’s most influential food bloggers, lifestyle media, and was broadcast on statewide news.

In light of its ongoing success, the Sunnybank $2 Food Trail concept and campaign has also gained widespread recognition for excellence in sales promotion and marketing at a local, national and international level, winning a variety of awards in 2015.

Sunnybank Plaza

Goal 1: To attract 1,000 visitors to the 2014 event and 5,400 to the 2015 event.
Achieved: 4500+ in 2014 and over 20,000 in 2015

Goal 2: To generate additional sales of $20,000 from the 2014 event and $108,000 from the 2015 event.
Achieved: $90,000 in 2014 and over $400,000 in 2015

Goal 3: To achieve a Facebook reach of 25,000 from the 2014 event and a 20% increase for the 2015 event.
Achieved: Reach of 178,000 in 2014 and 657,000 in 2015

Goal 4: To attain free publicity to the value of $7,000 for the 2014 event and $15,000 for the 2015 event.
Achieved: $10,000 in 2014 and in excess of $19,000 in 2015

Sunnybank Plaza

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