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Legacy Australia


Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. Legacy currently cares for 52,000 beneficiaries, including 1,845 children and disabled dependants throughout Australia.

The current website did not meet the requirements of Legacy Australia nor represent the needs of their 47 clubs and territories. It was dated both in terms of content, imagery and functionality with a poor user experience and complicated donation workflow. 

Follow was engaged with partner Superdream to reimagine the online presence of Legacy Australia.


To create a robust, user focused site that unifies the online presence of Legacy’s clubs. The ultimate aim of the project is to generate an increase in support and create a platform that better assists, connects with and educates our community.


The project was vast with many stakeholders and did not just involve designing and building a site. We crafted a modern integrated digital ecosystem for Legacy Australia with a dual focus of:
Attract new support: Donations, merchandise sales, volunteering and sponsorship.
Support their community: Families, legatees, volunteers, sponsors, fundraisers and staff.

Legacy Australia


People First Strategy

The ultimate goal of the new website was to give every user that lands on the Legacy website the shortest journey from arrival to conversion. This required us to first understand who we are talking to and their unique needs.

Through a series of workshops with Legacy stakeholders, we reviewed the various business streams and the users the website is required to support. Each user group was identified, grouped by similar needs, their requirements outlined and user journeys mapped

Legacy Australia

A flexible and purposeful design system

The Legacy site contained a massive amount of information but was very difficult to navigate. We created a design and content strategy that distilled huge amounts of information (less words, greater impact) so various audiences have a clear path to what they need.

The design system we created  was engaging, modular, flexible and responsive — allows us to easily showcase each Legacy offering at a national and club level.

Legacy Australia

Empowering Legacy staff

The new site allowed each club to easily make updates to the content, switch up designs, and add new pages without the need for any coding or web development expertise whilst ensuring confirmation to Legacy brand guidelines.

Legacy Australia
Legacy Australia

Packed with not for profit features

Built on a wordpress backbone we crafted features to support Not for Profit activities. 

  • Donation workflows
  • Promoting and running events
  • Capture and manage volunteers
  • Legacy club locator
  • Legacy club portal
  • Sell merchandise
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Beneficiary get support workflows
  • Advanced user permissions to manage site content

Legacy Australia

Integrations and automations

A core business objective for the new platform was to ensure that it integrated with Legacy Australia and their clubs backoffice and the third party software tools they use. Being a federated organisation the Legacy clubs used different software so we needed to consider the best approach to integrate with everything from CRMS (salesforce, Microsoft dynamics) to fundraise and event management tools. 

There were a lot of manual processes controlling transfer of data on the previous site and we completely transformed how this was managed by integrating and automating core processes to ensure the correct data and/or fundraising dollars were passed to the correct club entities. 

Legacy Australia
Their professionalism, quick turn around and response times, have meant that we could sit back and know that everything was being done to deliver our brand new website - something Legacy is exceptionally pleased with and proud to show our community.
Legacy Australia
Scott Warr
Legacy Australia


Creation of this new site was the result of a terrific partnership between Legacy, Superdream and Follow. It was a fantastic journey shared that resulted in a site that’s a new source of pride for Legacy Australia and a powerful new platform to drive fundraising and support families of Australians that have paid a great debt to protect the freedoms we take for granted. 

We continue to assist the digital Legacy of this great organisation to help usher in the next phase of their growth. 

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