The Children’s Charity

Not For Profit

Working with both the National and State teams we designed and developed We worked closely with each state to understand their needs and the complexities of designing a site that communicated the cause, drove donations and volunteering, and could advertise a range of events which differ between states.

With such a diverse range of users the success of the project relied on understanding each one carefully, and designing personas and user journeys that would accomplish each goal for each known customer archetype. Consultation with each group was intensive and ongoing throughout the project and was critical to Variety International approving the site and, with the approach taken designs were approved in the first presentation.

Next we turned our focus to the internal users of the site, understanding their requirements from a state level, as well as the requirements nationally. The site admin was custom developed to allow national content to remain consistent throughout, while enabling each state the flexibility to manage state specific content as needed. The result was flexibility while maintaining the brand’s integrity and customer promises.

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