Hane Sushi

Keeping a Sushi Restaurant's Brand on Track

Hane Sushi

Ha’ne Sushi is a new take on the traditional sushi train concept and the contemporary space was designed by Brisbane-based studio Tonic Design which, through the use of warm timber and hints of blue, created the perfect simple, yet playful environment.

Just like the brief provided to the architects, Follow was engaged to create the business name, brand and style guide that aligned with the traditional approach of the food while reflecting the fresh, clean feel of the physical space.

Follow provided a range of names from fun and playful to traditional, and worked closely with the Ha’ne Sushi management team to refine, eventually agreeing on the traditional Japanese word which translates to ‘feather’ and symbolises the fresh, light menu and space.

The branding uses a clean, minimal feather icon and sophisticated font, and complimented the colours of the interiors.

Thank you so much for the excellent work. I'm so glad to have worked with you guys and grateful for what you've done
Ha'ne Sushi
Hane Sushi
Hane Sushi

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