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Norbit®, our smartphone loyalty and rewards app, offers immense value to retailers, engaging with and rewarding their customers.

Norbit® solves a complex problem

More than 70% of web users worldwide access websites via a smartphone or tablet device, and each year the mobile market share grows. Typical consumer behaviour becomes increasingly reliant on a small always-on device. The mobile economy continues to grow exponentially, as does the pressure on enterprises to respond thoughtfully to changing consumer behaviours and expectations.

As you take a look around any shopping centre, you may be amazed how many people in this potentially communal environment remain engrossed in the screen of their mobile phone. Our observations of changing consumer habits created the concept for Norbit®, a smartphone loyalty and rewards app that engaging with and rewards shopping centre customers.

Consumers are hugely appreciative of enhanced interaction with a brand, driven by rewards and recognition for completing various actions (for example, visiting a particular store, making a purchase, providing product feedback). Norbit® has proven the concept in the shopping centre industry, and we now offer a white-labelled loyalty and rewards app to relevant industries such as retail, regional tourism, events and precinct marketing – in fact any application where detailed data is required about customers’ journeys with and around your products and services.

Norbit® empowers you to reward, interact, engage and learn about your customers like never before.



Consumers earn so many points, in so many ways. Norbit® is built to reward a range of everyday shopping habits.

Reward your customers with points, deals and prizes, creating value for them to keep returning.

  • Reward customers simply for visiting you.
  • Offer points every time a customer spends.
  • Offer bonus points during campaign periods.
  • Offer points for providing feedback after a purchase, collate and share with your stores.
  • Incentivise conversation about your app and brand activity on social media with points for sharing.

Shopping Centre Marketing Apps

Increase engagement and revenue by rewarding your customers.

Brands build loyalty by demonstrating they value consumers and intend to reward them regularly to gain their trust. Norbit® enables this exchange by providing a platform for brands to:

  • Offer prizes in exchange for points.
  • Offer Discounts & Free deals.
  • Limited Time Offers.
  • Offer deals and prizes to a limited number of people.

Everything You Need for Building Customer Loyalty



Go beyond points for purchase. Offer more value for a range of activities and incentivise real loyalty.


Communicate content with context. Offer information that matters based on behaviour and location.


Engage your customers with competitions, incentivise feedback and provide entertainment to support your store tenancies.


Realtime data helps you make better decisions. We help make smart marketing simple.


Manage content in minutes with the Norbit ® admin backend. One simple CMS synchs seamlessly with your iOS and Android apps.

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The White Label app that drives customer engagement.

Norbit® is an award-winning customer experience and loyalty app designed for shopping centres, entertainment precincts, and tourism regions.

For customers

A powerful loyalty program app created to engage customers during their entire shopping journey, influencing them to visit your precinct instead of the competition.

For retailers

Retailers will benefit from the increased traffic and dwell time. They can promote their business to a wider base than their own customers, increasing their reach.

For shopping centres

Offer a complete shopping centre marketing, engagement and loyalty program, adding more value to your customers and retailers with less cost, development, and hassle. Norbit® takes care of the tech so you’re free to market your centre in the smartest way possible.


“We have made so much progress digitally over the last couple of years, and this is largely because of working with Follow.”

Rebecca Gascoigne

Head of Marketing, Retail First

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