The white label customer engagement app that empowers bricks and mortar retail.

Augmented Reality, Loyalty Apps, Startups

Norbit was designed and developed by Follow to answer a complex problem for shopping centres. For years marketing managers would develop and execute marketing campaigns to drive foot traffic, but weren’t able to record where customer’s would spend their money in centre. With the increase in mobile usage, Follow designed a mobile solution that created significant value for customers to consistently use the app, reward themselves for a range of activities, and in doing so provide much needed customer specific spending habits to the shopping centre.

Norbit has over 20 shopping centres using the SaaS solution to power their marketing, successfully deployed the app for use to support the Maroons Festival 2017, and are soon to roll out the solution for franchises.

With a 65% + active user base, utilising the latest technology from beacons to Augmented Reality, Norbit continues to help drive bricks and mortar retail with an effective solution that adds real value to brands and their customers.

Norbit is recognised by industry awards, and has received seed funding to continue to develop the product as its own entity. Follow continues to support Norbit clients with program strategy, marketing, and design support.

  • Strategy & Insight
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Digital Design
  • User testing
  • App Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Branding

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