About Us

Our humble beginnings in 2009 relied on the solid foundations of a kitchen table. Frustrated in full time roles in an industry we felt was becoming clinical and detached from clients’ needs, we envisaged the potential for an agency offering stakeholders a more engaged, direct, and honest experience.

While a long-established digital and creative agency by industry standards, we continually use startup strategies to drive evolution and change, with a focus on customer experience.

Our Vision

Every interaction matters…
These three words define everything we do. From our interactions with you, between our staff and for everything we design. Considering and understanding who we are interacting with, listening to them and recognising their needs carefully ensures we always act with intent.

We work with our clients to deliver on their goals by understanding their customers motives and behaviours.

Our People

Everyone who works at Follow is selected based on more than talent alone. A mixed bunch, we share a love of learning. We also share the same mindset; each of us believes that every interaction matters.

We strive to learn and improve at all times. The knowledge we gain and the ways we creatively use it, is what sets us apart. We are genuinely excited and inspired to work with people who are also curious and love to evolve and transform.

Norbit® - Award winning app

We understand the challenges of building products and taking them to market. We designed and built Norbit® in house and thought about the full customer life cycle. The wide ranging features offer the best possible customer experiences and connection with your precinct or brand, with a track record of customer adoption.

Winning the Excellence in Marketing Award at The Property Council of Australia (Qld) Awards 2017 and the 2017 Digital Initiative at the Shopping Centre Council of Australia Awards for their interactive Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt.