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Follow knows what it takes to conceptualise, design, build and bring your product to market.

A great product is one facet of success

We thrive in the challenge of helping businesses design and develop innovative new ideas and products. When we are offered the chance to help shape early-stage products, or help businesses progress through the phases of engaging investors and reaching new customers, we do some of our best work.

Having a great product idea is one facet of success. It is also incredibly important to design the entire product cycle to comprehensively connect with customers and potential investors.

We have helped many startups understand their customers, find their voice, and help their products get traction. Philosophically and emotionally, we respect and understand the challenges faced by startups.

We have taken one of our own projects ( from an idea on the back of a cafe napkin, through to launching a company which has completed its first round of investment funding. During this evolution, we have experienced first hand all the challenges and decisions that startups encounter.

This may have made us a little wiser, but it also helped us develop a deep respect for your resources and how to steward them for the greatest impact. Your time, money, energy and headspace need to be invested intelligently and efficiently, to ensure that your product continues to grow, and that you personally thrive during the process.


We treat your start up like our own

Everything we recommend to our startup clients is not only what we consider the smartest decision in our professional judgement, but also what we would do ourselves, if this were our business. When we work on a project, you will develop the sense we have “skin in the game”, as we will treat the project with as much love as if it were our own.

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Follow our Process

We have developed a unique process to extract the maximum value for your business idea, while using a design-led philosophy to hone in on your unique product attributes and selling points. Talk to us about how we can ensure your product idea hits the ground running.

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