We offer business grade managed website hosting and affordable packages to provide ongoing support for you and your business.

What we do

Managed Hosting

Follow offers fully-managed secure business class hosting solutions. Offering super fast speed and tight-knit security, your investment in managed hosting is easily justified based on increased performance, customer satisfaction, and risk mitigation. Rather than try to manage the complexities of cloud hosting which require unexpected levels of optimisation and even a dev ops person in your business, our solutions let you rely on us to manage everything.

Strategic Support

With a wide range of experience in the commercialisation of technology, we can help prepare your business for global expansion. From branding and trademark/copyright/branding considerations, to indepth analysis of competitor products or industries, we will provide the necessary groundwork to plan and protect your business through every crucial phase. We will then support you through every stage of commercialisation and expansion.


Our Maintenance Package provides our management of the infrastructure and codebase updates required in the background of your site. We have the website controlled in our version control software, with all code changes (template, plugins etc) and software updates completed by Follow, thoroughly tested, then deployed expertly to your website. This protects your investment in your platform and ensures you remain competitive.


We have flexible support plans to assist businesses of all sizes and demands. Our digital support covers feature request as well as ongoing training, documentation, tech mentoring, and digital coaching.

Your support package can also cover ongoing marketing, content, and campaigns depending on your specific needs.