A competitive and relevant strategy underpinning any digital project is paramount. Follow uses the seeds of great ideas to explore the application of design-led solutions in both digital and physical landscapes. Our insight comes from combined decades of launching and managing cutting edge digital retail projects, from Augmented Reality product launches, e-comm stores in worldwide markets, multilingual loyalty programs, to websites that have transformed the way enterprises engage with customers. If you’re unsure exactly where your idea or challenge fits, our strategic support is the ideal approach to pave the way for a successful future digital project.

What we do

Product Visioning

We specialise in identifying and setting crystal clear product vision. We will work through every key required component to ensure we can describe a cohesive elegant experience in your final solution. We are adept at crafting persuasive digital processes to create products customers love to use.

Technical Scoping

Our experts perform detailed research to identify all the technical requirements and limitations of every project. This research may include detailed discussions with technical project stakeholders, auditing system documentation, and liaising with third party system representatives.

User Journeys & IA

When planning an effective product we map user journeys and visualise overall structure. Working through information architecture and customer interactions with your business or product ensures we best organise and optimise human interaction.

Rapid Prototyping

The power of rapid testing of ideas is one of the greatest benefits arising out of changes in technology and new methods of managing digital projects. Through prototyping key ideas into a full click-through demo, we are able to help you explore what works, and equally importantly, what doesn’t.

Our Process

The importance of defining the project goals cannot be overstated, providing goals, scope and context to the entire project.  We aim to learn more about the aspiration driving expected project outcomes.

We aim to make the difference in the lives of our users. Therefore, in everything we do, we focus on our users beyond all else. We consider everyone that interacts with the system to be a user, and they may not necessarily be the people directly bringing revenue into your business.

During this phase, we aim to understand the broad user groups we’re building this system for. We will map out the front-end and backend requirements for the website.

Now we broadly map out the digital ecosystem.

This helps reviewing the overall service design of the business and understanding how data needs to flow from one system to another. We aim to improve automation through the business and overall customer experience.

We’ll also seek to improve staff happiness/productivity as we iron out inefficiencies letting them focus on more impactful parts of the business and their roles.

Our statement of work outlines the overall phases of the project and deliverables. We also ensure all project management requirements including proposed timelines, roles and responsibilities are identified. Ensuring everyone agrees to the project plan and allocated roles and responsibilities is vital to ensuring a smooth delivery.

The combination of the above steps will place scope and clarity around your project to guide each phase and assist in understanding how we’ll measure success.

Selected work