More than code

Developing digital products means much more than bits and bytes to us. At Follow we offer a design-led tech team delivering applications that are easy to use and focus on human-centred business goals.

We help clients deliver across a wide spectrum of digital solutions including content management systems (we are in fact experts at deploying WordPress in an enterprise context), custom development and third party integrations.

What we do

Enterprise Sites with WordPress

Offering the benefit a highly extensible and feature-rich core platform, WordPress can be adapted to a huge variety of industries and specific online challenges.

We have been WordPress specialists for years, with a focus on beautifully integrated design and hardened processes to ensure a Follow WordPress project is truly enterprise-class. You won’t believe what we can do.


We have extensive experience working with retailers to simplify the complexities of ecommerce, assisting them to sell and prosper online.

From small Brisvegas startups to large corporations around the world, we have a track record of creating beautifully designed & technically advanced eCommerce websites that simply deliver.

Campaigning, Retargeting and Remarketing

Running successful online marketing campaigns invariably involves multiple platforms. We are experts at integrating beautifully designed campaigns with the best-of-breed platforms to handle landing pages, A/B Split Testing, conversion optimisation, social reach, retargeting and remarketing.

Custom Development/Third party integration

We have years of experience building custom applications which we’ve integrated with a variety of other software products – including point of sale systems, CRMs, ERPs and countless other tech solutions. We bring the design-led focus on end users, which works in tandem with others’ robust technology.

Our Process

Development at Follow is managed via a hybrid version of an agile production methodology (scrumban). This allows for structured sprints with parallel design, development, feedback and collaboration. The end result is a product finely aligned with business and customer needs.

Our team collaborates on all tasks required for your project and each is given an estimate and priority. The project is then organised into sprints of effort to ensure we are releasing pages/functionality in an agile fashion.

After the completion of product design, our team builds your system. We ensure your product is built according to the project vision, and delivers the expectations set by the design. We have an extensive process in place for our designers and developers to closely collaborate.

In order to produce effective and elegant code, Follow has set standards used by our developers.

Content insertion is a form of design. During this phase, we not only get the content into the site, but ensure the final product still looks as great as the designs you approved.

We work with an unmitigated desire to transform the speed and quality of our development output. Your website or application will be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and a highly usable experience for end users. Our best practice development and QA process ensures the development and design work harmoniously together to deliver quality software in a timely fashion.

Launching a website or product is the most significant phase in process. We have a robust Go Live process to make sure your launch is smooth and efficient.

After your website is live we have a number of options to support you in maintaining and updating your website. Our process is flexible and we can fit in to ensure we are adding value to your business to keep your online presence moving and growing.

Selected work