Design & UX

We are a human-focused studio

As an agency focused on customer experience, every interaction has meaning and importance. Our user experience and design focus is uncompromising. Armed with the knowledge gained from strategic planing, our team sets about creating a beautifully designed version of what ‘could be’.

Working with you through iterations, we create the ultimate journey users will undertake with your brand. Most importantly, we will design something that aligns with and supports your brand promise, but can also be developed into a solution which delivers competitive advantage.

What we do

Web design

Whether you are starting from a blank piece of paper, or have an established website you are hoping to enhance, we are able to design a digital experience to help you and your customers reach your goals.


Our UX/UI designers love refining and prototyping concepts into beautiful and functional digital products. All great ideas serve a deeper customer need that can be understood and facilitated through our design process.

Mobile apps design

User experience can make or break mobile applications. Our designers understand the importance of the higher level interactions such as how the menu structure changes at different instances, to the smallest details like the efficient speed and motion of an animation. These decisions help to leverage the true value of great design.

Digital campaigns

We can help you create digital campaigns with flexibility for all of your marketing requirements. We have designed EDM, social and other online campaigns integrated with a variety of platforms and industries, delivering beautiful responsive presentation of your offerings while vastly improving conversion.

Our Process

Part of planning an effective product to meet both customer and business needs is mapping out user journeys and visualising the overall structure. Each project is unique. We help you navigate to the best user experience possible.

Wireframes are the first design pass on creating your new website. They are conceptual designs – outlining broad ideas towards content management and page structure. Before being too swayed by the bias of a brand and its style, the wireframes ensure the design works at all levels.

Based on the insights and decisions made at the wireframing stage, our designers will infuse this structure, style and personality of your brand.

During this phase, we design every screen the system will use, along with a UI kit of elements regularly used on a website (such as, error messages, pop-ups, buttons etc). These designs will be responsive to mobile, to ensure the website works elegantly across many browser sizes.

The designed templates are developed into a clickable prototype of key screens, so you get a sense of how to navigate the website. It provides a more dynamic layer to assess key designs before they are developed.

Selected work