Your brand provides the first most substantial point of difference compared to your competitors.

The value of an easily recalled brand, with a clear message, is paramount in today’s competitive environment. Your brand underpins the promise and commitment you make to your customers. It also increases loyalty and promotes ease of recognition among your existing, new and potential customers.

The brands we’ve helped create are award-winning and well recognised in their various markets. Talk to us about how we can help create or expose your brand in all the right ways.

What we do

Brand Strategy & Naming

A great brand should hint at your personality, accurately represent your business, and professionally convey what you do. Your values, story, mission and competitive landscape need to be considered and balanced in your brand. We will take the information from our workshops to deliver a name that rings true for your new business or venture.


Brands are more than visual, and they create a range of deep emotions to both the business and the customer. Our goal is to arrive at something new and better, but something that feels connected and natural for your company. We are very flexible in our approach and will listen carefully to your feedback throughout our process.

Brand Guidelines

We design comprehensive brand style guides that outline all associated fonts, hierarchy, tone of voice, colours, restrictions and usage guidelines. This document combines to ensure consistency of your brand across all mediums.

Marketing Material

We craft your marketing collateral on insights and language uncovered from you and your customers. The team works together to create well thought-out, unique and beautiful creative elements that help take your customer on a journey.

Our Branding Process

Research and insights is a phase that provides us with stimulus to inform the workshop and creative briefing. The number of people involved in this stage is dependent on the size of the business and/or complexity. The objective is to communicate the initial brief to our internal design lead and to provide insight/materials for the branding workshop. This ensures the workshop runs smoothly and we maximise your time.

We run a Branding Workshop to better understand your brand and the direction it’s heading.

After our branding workshop we digest the outcomes and start crafting concepts for you to review. At this stage the concepts avoid using colour to remove any bias and focus on reviewing different approaches that work for your brand.

Taking these initial branding concepts we work closely with you to refine a variation until the final brand is something you love.

After we finalise your brand we package this up with all sizes and formats you need to start using your new identity.

Selected work