Aspley Hypermarket

Project Overview

Aspley Hypermarket opened in 1984 and has since become an institutional shopping destination for Brisbane’s northern suburb locals. After 28 years of trade, management decided to revitalise the centre through major retailer changes and a rebrand of the centre that better reflected its new direction. They wanted a brand and accompanying marketing campaign that stood out from the usual, incorporating a mix of elements from within the centre whilst also portraying the changes they were undertaking. It was important for the campaign to work across print advertising, digital channels, and social media and continue post development across ongoing centre marketing activities.

Follow worked with the Aspley Hypermarket team to create the campaign “In the market for change”, using elements of a landscape merged with shopping related products and services. The use of “In the market” allowed the campaign to move from pre-launch marketing, to the unveiling of the new brand and retail offering, and continue on to promote centre activities. The logo used the previous circle brand mark, evolving it to a more dynamic appearance, communicating the centres progression with the area.

  • Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Branding
  • Creative & Design
  • Website development

The brand and campaign have been rolled out across all building signage, hoarding, billboard advertising, bus backs, social media, and a new website designed and developed to compliment the change. We continue to work with the team to design and deliver all promotional activities.

In conjunction with a renewed retail mix and improved shopping experience, the result has been increased trade throughout the centre.

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