Follow? You mean "Lead"?

The Follow brand was born from our earliest marketing experiences. In addition to the lack of connection we felt was becoming widespread in the industry, one major focus set us apart from the crowd, and continues to do so. Focus on influencing your end customer.

The term ‘Follow’ began as our reference to the imprinting behaviour which is present in nature.

Ducklings typically imprint on the first figure they see, their mother – but are also known to imprint on surrogates including humans or any being who first offers the sense of belonging they seek.

At Follow, we help our clients create deep rewarding relationships with customers – producing campaigns and digital activations to engage and lead consumers.

Genuine End User Focus

All digital and print projects, app delivery, AR campaigns and special projects benefit from our unwavering approach to focusing on how to best influence and amaze the end user, your customer.

Faced with a bewildering array of advertising and marketing initiatives attempting to gain their business, consumers are bombarded with repetitive and lacklustre attempts to create interest.



This Is What We Love

The regular lack of respect for consumer needs and wants in the industry remains the main reason we always set out to fully unpack your customer psyche. This helps laser-focus our skills in areas which generate the best return on your investment.

We work tirelessly to achieve project results that are beyond expectations – there is nothing better than an exclamation of pleasant surprise based on results at the end of a campaign or project!